Weight Tracking and Monitoring System

AxChange, Live Weight Tracker for Industrial Scales

AxChange allows you to monitor weights on multiple scales at your location. Being a cloud application, AxChange can be accessed on any device including your PC, iOS and Android devices. With real time weight tracking, customized alerts and hierarchical access control, AxChange can solve many issues brought about by weight application especially in a remote driven world.

Real Time Weights

with RemoteView®

View the current weights of your tanks, drums, pharmaceutical equipment, water vapor containers and other appliances from anywhere in the world on any device in Real Time. Remotely view any individual scale screen and control basic functions such as zero, changing units, net/gross view and tare.

Summarized Dashboard

Live Weights, Logs and Trends

The AxChange Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of the current status of scales in the field as well as logged weight data. Different Dashboard layouts are available to suit the needs of your application.

Critical Alerts

Color Coded Prioritized Alerts

Receive critical alerts on text or email on a low or a high target weights. Our scale’s Setpoint Output system allows you to automate processes to mitigate disasters or control the next phases of your application.

Logging & Reporting

Export Data in Multiple Formats

View logged data from all the scales at your location and easily export data in various formats including Excel, CSV and PDF Report formats.

Versatile Configurations

For Flexible Integration

AxChange is directly compatible with the Arlyn UpScale Indicator. The MKE-5 Digital Indicator and Arlyn’s Digital Load Cells.are also compatible with AxChange through an on-site PC data aggregator.

3rd-Party Platform Support

using Arlyn UpScale or MKE-5 Indicators

AxChange also supports 3rd-party platforms equipped with Arlyn UpScale indicator as well as the basic MKE-5 Digital Indicator and Digital Load Cell amplifiers.